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Crested Butte is a H4 / P4 site and is insured and regulated by the Crested Butte Soaring Society. You must be; accompanied by a guide pilot, be current in high altitude launch skills with HA signoff, sign a waiver and site regulations agreement, have a Colorado Search and Rescue Card (hiking permit [3$ available at outdoor stores] or fishing or hunting license) and stay at least 300' above the chairlift. The launch is accessed via private land and ski area leased land, vehicle permits are required (your guide pilot will have one) and the ski resort is patrolled by security personnel. Launch is at 11,300' msl. You launch over a talus slope, tall trees and a running chairlift, the consequences of a failed launch are grim. You can't see the LZs (8,800' msl) from the launch,so take a good look before. An oxygen system is recommended. Landing anywhere but in either of the two designated LZs is prohibited and will result in loss of flight priveleges and possibly a trespassing charge.