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View from main launch
MSL 7,700
AGL 1,300
Glide to LZ 1:1
Rating/Skills H2/P2
Wind Directions W, WNW, NW


Season Year round
Restrictions Lots of farmer's fields to land in. Never land near cattle. Never climb over fences - use gates. NEVER drive in a field.
Site Type Open
Fees None
Site Panoramic Images

<googlemap lat="41.656241" lon="-111.135635"> 41.67379, -111.09472, Main launch 41.659928, -111.092634, Camping in quarry </googlemap>


This is a beautiful 7 mile long ridge looking out over a wide, flat valley. You can land just about anywhere along the base of the ridge. The road to launch is dirt but in good condition and can be reached by 2WD vehicles. There is a quarry south of launch useful for camping. The nearby town of Randolph is small but has a gas station, general store (with a good grocery supply), burger joint (with amazing raspberry shakes), and a few rooms for overnight stays.



The ridge faces WNW with launches from SW to NW. This site affords ample ridge lift with thermal lift. Glass off conditions are not uncommon in the evenings.


This is an open site flyable by anyone. A friendly wave to local farmers is always in order.

Site Records

Flex wing Distance/Duration

Rigid wing Distance/Duration

View of northern section of the Crawfords ridge from about 1000' AGL