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Coronet Peak

Primary Takeoff
MSL 1,000 Landing field
AGL 2,400 ft Primary \ 5,000 ft Peak Takeoff
Glide to Landing 3:1
Rating/Skills H3/P2

H2/P1 w/Instructor (NZHGPA P1 equates to US P2)

Wind Directions Primarily Launch is anything Southerly. The peak takeoff takes any direction.
Season Year round
Restrictions No Dogs allowed in the landing since they eat the farmers sheep. On takeoff is fine. Tie dye shirts encouraged.
Site Type Open Takeoff, Commercial Landing
Fees Day Pass $10 NZD

Yearly $80 NZD

Contact NZHGPA

<googlemap lat="-44.96334" lon="168.731461" zoom="11"> 41.685861, -74.40465, Training Hill -45.031104, 168.662731, Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand -44.926996, 168.73477, Coronet Peak Takeoff, Otago, New Zealand </googlemap>


Flying paradise. Primary takeoff is at the base of the Coronet Ski Field. There are numerous other takeoffs. The landing field boasts gentle rolling groomed grass fields, training hills and a cafe. The drive to takeoff is a paved road and takeoff is the lip of the ski field's carpark. Takeoff is two manicured bulbs (inverted bowls.. ideal)

In winter, and sometimes summer, the chairlifts are running and will take you to the peak. The peak is launchable in any direction and has very steep, easy takeoffs. It can be a bit tricky loading a hang glider on the chairlift (on the run), but even tandem gliders accomplish it.


Coronet is one of the main flying sites for all commercial and non commercial flying in Queenstown. In summer, it is not uncommon to have three or four commercial flying companies on takeoff totaling eight or more tandem gliders and various solo students at the same time. Coronet has been flown commercially for at least 15 years, probably more.


Alpine mountain... steep and beautiful. Covered in tussocks (tall grass), you can technically launch wherever you please. Southerlies prevail in Summer (Jan-Mar). In winter most (if not all) flying is done from the peak as the snow makes the winds catabatic on the lower, main takeoff.


The primary takeoffs are owned by the Coronet Ski Field. A lot of the mountain is government land.

The landing is owned and operated by Tomas... a local commercial tandem paragliding pilot (and a heck of a nice guy). The cafe is nonalcoholic, but has wicked sandwiches on fresh rolls. Many companies and clubs fly there. No dogs in the landing. There are serious airspace restrictions. It is located directly inside the control tower zone for Queenstown airspace. Within the designated flying space ("the box"), no communication with the tower is required. To leave the box requires permission from the tower via phone or airband radio. All pilots are required to fly with an altimeter.

Relations with the valley's farmers are always delicate. "Landing out" in the valley is generally not a good idea. During the lambing season an outlanding will probably involve the police. Outside "the box" is far less of an issue.