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View from main launch
MSL 8,800
AGL 3,400
Glide to LZ 4:1
Wind Directions SSW, SW, W
Season May through Oct.
Restrictions Do NOT fly over the army supply depot south of the LZ area! Especially don't land there! During retrieve, close any gates you go through. Even though it is BLM land, ranchers graze cattle there. Do not cross the mountain range going east due to airspace restrictions.
Site Type Open
Fees None
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Site Panoramic Images

<googlemap lat="40.38539" lon="-112.309971" zoom="13"> 40.387351, -112.291689, Alternate Launch 40.390222, -112.285139, Main launch </googlemap>


Strong thermal, high desert site, west of Salt Lake City. XC potential to north limited by the Great Salt Lake and airspace restrictions. Road definitely 4x4 low-range for the last section to upper launch, unmaintained, steep drop-offs, and frequented by ATVers. Nice setup area, LZs everywhere. Early/late times are good for first-time high-flight students. Glass off in evenings occasionally. Main launch at 40.390222, -112.285139 at 8800 ft MSL. An alternate launch is located at 40.387404°N, -112.291591° at 7700 ft MSL facing west.

Frequently, flights are made to Bauer and sometimes Tooele. Very occasionally, with changing upper winds, flights to the south are possible, sometimes as far as Delta.



Commodore is located on the western edge of the Oquirrh mountain range, which is between the Salt Lake Valley and Tooele Valley. Strong thermals and frequent overdevelopment (Cu-nimbs) in July. Dust devils in LZ common mid-day, occasionally at launch.


This is an open site flyable by anyone.

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