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Burney Mountain, like all mountains, makes its own weather. Launch is off the side of the road just below the lookout tower.

It’s usually blown out by 10:30 AM. Burney Springs, the primary LZ, (which you drive through at the base of the mountain on the way up to the lookout tower) is not really that hangie friendly. It’s fine for the paraglider crowd though. They launch early, 8 AM or so and can get a couple of flights in before it gets blown out. You cannot see the LZ from launch and must fly south a bit before you can see it.

If you don’t get high enough to make it north to the town of Burney or out to the Rim LZ’s you must land at Burney Springs. Landing in ANY of the green fields in Hat Creek Valley is NOT an option! My neighbors have all heard the “I ran out of lift” excuse plenty and don’t want to hear it again. All you’ll end up doing is destroying the excellent support and good will it’s taken some of us 20+ years to generate.

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