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Andy Jackson Airpark

Andy Jackson Airpark
MSL 4000' (Marshall) 5200' (Crestline)
AGL 2300' (Marshall) 3500' (Crestline)
Glide to LZ Marshall ~3.9:1, Crestline ~5.4:1
Rating/Skills H3/P3, H2/P2 with instructor supervision/sign-off
Wind Directions S,SW
Season Year round.
Restrictions USHPA Membership required, No motorized flight.
Site Type ...
Fees Crestline Soaring Society Membership

Yearly $100 US or $10 day use fee

Contact Crestline Soaring Society
Site Panoramic Images
Marshall Peak
Crestline Launch
<googlemap lat="34.193528" lon="-117.32318" zoom="18" scale="yes" controls="large">

34.10524, -117.29416, San Bernardino, CA, USA 34.193208, -117.323084, Hang Gliding SPOT landing </googlemap>

The Andy Jackson Air Park was born of the dream of a man and raised to maturity through the vigilance of his wife and the dedication of Crestline Soaring Society members. Today, the Andy Jackson Air Park stands as a world class hang gliding and paragliding site with unsurpassed weather for foot launched flight.


Andy Jackson was a San Bernardino pilot who bought land at the foot of the San Bernardino National Forest to use as a landing zone. Sadly, Andy died in 1985, succumbing to cancer. His wife, Juanita, kept the dream alive and the Crestline Soaring Society have overcome many challenges to Andy's dream. The site is often referred to as "Crestline," which is the upper launch site, or "Marshall," the next launch down.

In the late 80s and early 90s, the California Department of Water Resources took the original landing zone land for an aqueduct project, but the club successfully cleared this hurdle. They negotiated with the state and now lease a well engineered LZ on Calif. DWR land. Not only did the club get rights to land, but the DWR graded an ideal LZ for the club with their large earth moving equipment.

A later challenge came at the beginning of the millennium, as development and rising land costs again raised concerns about the future of flight at Andy Jackson. Two pilots, Len Szafaryn and Owen Morse, purchased a house and 18 acres of land on the upslope of the LZ to ensure that it would stay in friendly hands. Land next to the LZ is still subject to development, but club president Rob McKenzie reached a tentative agreement with the developer to place the developer's mandated "Open Space" under the LZ's current hang glider approach.

Site Geography

Above the Andy Jackson Flight Park (1700' MSL) lie 4 launches, two commonly used. Crestline, at 5200', enjoys high altitude and (generally) stronger winds than the others, but does not lie within line of sight (LOS) of the Landing Zone. The Marshall launch, at 3800', is more commonly used, due to its direct LOS to the LZ and friendlier conditions for paragliders. Other launches include "Regionals," at 3100', difficult to access, and "The 750'," so named for its altitude above launch. The 750 is used primarily by paragliders who hike to it. Regionals and the 750 are sometimes used by Wills Wing test pilots when they test fly their production gliders.

The landing zone has two training hills. The 85' training hill, above the LZ, was recently reopened, thanks to the purchase of the house above the LZ and the club's acquisition of a tractor (with the assistance of the Foundation for Hang Gliding & Paragliding). A 25' training hill, off the end of the LZ, also serves as the overshoot field for the LZ.

The Andy Jackson Flight Park enjoys roughly 300 days a year of flyable weather.

Club Overview

The Crestline Soaring Society hosts two fly-ins per year. In July, they celebrate the flight park's anniversary. In September, a memorial party for Andy Jackson is thrown.

The CSS membership numbers over 200 and enjoys friendly relations between the hang glider and paraglider pilots. This uncommon affinity is due to the strong leadership of the club, the ability of many of its senior members to fly both wings, and plenty of space for the two types of aircraft to share in the sky. Paraglider pilots' membership dues help maintain a top-notch LZ and they also make excellent drivers when the conditions are unexpectedly blown out for them.

Club dues are $100/year. Day use fees are $10 and a site monitor is often hired to ensure compliance. A current USHPA membership is required, with either a H3/P3 rating or a local instructor signoff.

Rob and Dianne McKenzie have run a full time school at the site since the late '80s, teaching Hang Gliding and paragliding. The McKenzies are excellent resources for the experienced pilot who needs to coordinate rentals, purchase equipment, or inquire about transportation to launch. Their website is and other instructors for paragliding can be found on the club website.

The LZ's improvements include: glider storage rental for club members, grass landing and breakdown areas, the above mentioned training hills, HAM and aircraft frequency radios, and a shaded gazebo/storage area. The club also maintains a webcam and wind tracking website near the Crestline launch and windsocks at or near the four launches.


You can camp at the LZ for a $5 parking fee, but as of right now, there's a port-a-potty and no showers.

Better is a beautiful vacation rental just 5.5 miles from the LZ. This is a 900 sq ft, ( Pilot owned ) 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath, with Kitchen, Washer, dryer, Internet ( DSL ) USHPA member / Pilot discount. Free personal site intro included.

There is a cheap hotel nearby, like America's Best Value Inn which is 10 miles away, clean and cheap. Sign up for the value card (free, immediate) and book it through a site like Hotels Combined

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