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Tower to the left of launch
Takeoff: Ramp Launch, 805 meters

47°20'52.22" N, 8°29'41.21" E

LZ 420 meters

47°21'19.17" N, 8°31'11.04" E

Wind Directions N, NNW
Site Type Unregulated?
Fees None
Transport Train to top with gliders, walking


Closest flying site to Zürich, the Üetlibergbahn train can be used to transport gliders up to the top of the hill, gliders must then be walked to behind the Uto Staffel, which is where launch is. There are two large towers at Üetliburg, so keep those in mind when turning in a thermal, just above the ridge. Do not go too far over Zürich, as that is restricted airspace due to the Zürich Flughafen. Other traffic may include sailplanes, and PGs that launch much father down the ridge. The takeoff is absolutely not suitable for PGs.

A somewhat challenging ramp takeoff, there can be a lot of turbulence at takeoff, and you must be carefull picking which cycle to launch in. There are two basetube "hooks" mounted on the ground for use when waiting to launch. Significant ramp suck/rotor on the platform, having your nose high and pointing the same direction as the ramp on the platform is actually not bad, but once you get to the edge/the ramp, bring the nose down.

A large LZ, fairly easy, just watch out for kites and people, note there is a shooting range nearby, do not land there. Currently (April 2010 there are high cranes nearby, which could be a problem if you find yourself low and you will barely make it to the LZ

As to getting to the top, you can load your gliders onto the train, but should purchase a ticket for your glider (if you have a halb-tax card, you can buy a halb-tax ticket for your glider)


Ridge facing Zürich -reliable ridge lift, watch for rotors and such, particularly on takeoff.

Best when the "Bise" blows, it is good, unless it is too strong even for HGs (mainly to launch, given the rotor and turbulence issues).

The takeoff is in somwehat of a "bowl"

The site offers both ridge lift and thermals.