A quick update.  Made far too many little changes to list, but the obvious is a new MEMBERSHIP system with a new menu at the very top of the site to manage your account and profile.

Everyone gets thier own PROFILE page now, that they can customize.



In the future, all your posts and comments will be associated with your profile. ( Does not include the forum).

Lots of streamlining and improvement to the classifieds too. Site traffic is steadily going up as we make a ton of improvements to the all new HangGliding.Org 2019.  We will be running this as a real business with a higher level of service.  No more extremists chasing off the reasonable quality users. The tiny, and very vocal extremists, will be told to leave this business establishment. This sport needs all the help it can get, and the toxic nature of the vocal minority will no longer be tolerated.

Been thinking about adding a slick google site map for years now, as well as a log book and other stuff.  We now have the technology to do so. Members will be able to submit photos, videos, log book entries, gear reviews, AS THEMSELVES, using the new account system.  (Current video uploads all get put under a single generic user id at the moment).  MORE MORE MORE to come.

We have several more articles in the queue for the HANG GLIDING TIMES MAGAZINE to boot.


PLEASE contact us if you have a great idea for another hang gliding times article. Authors get 100% of final approval before publishing.  Col wrote an amazing first article that was viewed by about 6000 people on our newsletter! Get HG famous 😉 Write an article  yourself!