Introducing the HANG GLIDING TIMES online magazine.

Over the years HG pilots complained about a lack of articles in the physical ushpa magazine. Pilots who submitted articles we're very upset about their articles being edited too much and vowed never to submit articles again. I have received lot's of private messages as to why they won't write articles. These are all allegations, so I guess we're about to find out the truth of the matter.

So i've poured about 50 hours into building a publishing platform with wide reach so hang glider pilots can bring their adventures to the public and other pilots.

Col stepped up and wrote a great first article, full of multi-media.  I spent 2 days cleaning the 10,000+ account email lists, verifying them, and now can efficiently send articles out too all accounts who have opted in to over the years.

Col's article was emailed to THOUSANDS of accounts and will be pushed to social media along with all new articles moving forward.

Time to put your money where your mouth is pilots.  This will be a great success or go down in flames, and it will all depend on Pilot participation.


Pilots will get 100% control and approval of their article.  We will only reject articles for publication if the quality is just too low. But we can help with that.

Col's first article has already inspired someone to write the next article. WHO WILL BE NEXT? Let's queue them up! Fame and fortune awaits! Ok, maybe no fortune, and only infamous level fame, but all these hidden amazing HG adventures need a lot more exposure, and you now have  platform to get it out there into the public, so please step up.


Have an idea for an article? A gear review? A feature site or flying community? CONTACT ME.

Articles can be sent to me as a word document, google document, or whatever, and I will format into a nice web page for publication. They can include images and video.  So many pilots fly with GoPro's these days, we need to get this amazing footage out there more.

LET's DO THIS in 2019!  This sport really needs your help right now!


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