This has been years over due.  The old software had gotten so old an creaky, I decided to suck it up and do a massive upgrade of all software.

I took a few days off from work, and today is my third 14-16 hour day working on migrating this huge hang gliding site.  I basically completed 6 years of upgrades in 3 days. WHEEEEWWWW!!!   Every port attempt took hours of Database converting, which would then break, and I would have to tweak and start all over again.

The site has been expanded to work with the wordpress platform, which will allow me to greatly expand it with more hang gliding stuff. If you have any suggestions on new functionality you would like to see, just let me know.  Product/school reviews come to mind.

I think my eyes are literally bleeding right now, so its hard to think and remember everything i've done so far during this upgrade. I'm still not done.  The WIKI is in progress as well as some other stuff

Need lots of testing and feedback!   Please send all BUG reports to me at speedgliding (at) gmail.com or PM me on this site.


  • Super fast new server!  Now fully managed so I can  focus my time here.
  • A video section which allows users to submit more youtube videos.
  • A new Blog - with user submissions coming soon
  • Moved the classifieds site and merged with this site
  • Slick new THEME for the forum - very modern, mobile friendly
  • The WIKI will be migrated to WORDPRESS with visual builders so an editor can keep it up to date
  • Online magazine???  Well, we can do it.  Who wants to be the editor??? If the submissions come in, I WILL BUILD IT!

NEW SITE RULES COMING!  This will very much be run like a professional service going forward. Keep on the lookout.

And finally..... everyone HATES change.  The old forum software was terrible, FRICKEN TERRIBLE, but that wont matter. People will still initially hate the new format.  JUST GIVE IT SOME TIME, and then you will wonder why you ever put up with the old crap software. 😉

Thats all for now.... need SLEEP bad.  Hope this works... crossing fingers.