It's that time of year again, and big changes are under way. I typically have a nice big block of time to do a bunch of stuff around the New Year.

Lots of little site upgrades all over the place have been made. Site has been more optimized for mobile and tablets. Simplified a lot of things too.

Added a contact form and FEEDBACK form.

PLEASE REPORT BUGS using the new CONTACT link in the main menu.

Also planning a major server upgrade that will allow me to use a lot of new technology to push things out to social media more.

 Guest Blogging

If you are interested in writing a guest blog post about anything hang gliding, CONTACT ME.

 New Functionality

If you have an idea for some new functionality you think people are dying for, i'm in a position to do some slick custom coding, now that the home site is running on WORDPRESS.

What do you want most?

Maybe a cool site guide?

Wing/Gear reviews?

Instructor/School listings?

XC flight database?



WHAT do people want to see? 

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