Before you contact us, review these common issues


I cannot change or delete my AD


When creating your AD, you had the option to create an account to manage the AD. If you created an account, then simply login on the MANAGE AD page here:  MANAGE AD

I forgot my login credentials


Request a password reset using your email address here:  PASSWORD RESET

The wrong image is showing on the front page.


1) Edit your AD
2) Hover your cursor over the image you want to be the featured image
3) Click on the pencil icon to edit
4) Check the box to make it the feature image
5) update/save your AD

My forum password does not work.


NOTE: This is a completely separate website with its own accounts.

I don’t have an account, but still need to edit or delete my AD


Send an email to

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 9.22.18 AM

Include the URL to your AD, and the edits you want made, or a request to delete the AD.