The WIKI is back

Annnnnnnd the hang gliding WIKI is back.  Upgraded the software to the latest version. This will start the process of migrating the Wiki to wordpress, where it will be much easier to edit and maintain with a far more robust visual editing system.

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Forum tips

Tip #1 - Find unread posts here Tip #2 - The asterisk indicates NEW posts since your last visit. CLICK IT to skip to the newest post.   Tip #3 - At the very top of the FORUM part of the website you will see a light bulb icon. This is the NEW QUICK SEARCH. Check...

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A new dawn…. V3

WELCOME TO HANG GLIDING . ORG Version 3.0!!! This has been years over due.  The old software had gotten so old an creaky, I decided to suck it up and do a massive upgrade of all software. I took a few days off from work, and today is my third 14-16 hour...

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