Huge Server Update


For 2019 - we have all new

1) Server - 5X more power
2) New database
3) Newer PHP version = more speed
4) Newer wordpress
5) Basically new everything

To be honest, this was a NIGHTMARE.  Every time one component of this servers "stack" was upgraded, it BROKE a different component.

After 4 straight days, 8-14 hours a day, I got it all working... I HOPE!

These changes will open the door to HUGE improvements this year with new abilities and functionality that will allow me to push this sport to the masses on the internet with 10X more efficiency.

Spent most of my vacation on this, so hopefully it all works out!

More news to come.

PLEASE REPORT BUGS as soon as you come across them.

Even if you just suspect a bug. Ill check it out.



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