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Villa Grove

View from Villa Grove launch
MSL 9,700
AGL 1,700
Glide to LZ 6:1
Rating/Skills H2/P2 mornings and evenings, H3/P3 otherwise.
Wind Directions SSW, SW, WSW
Season Closed in winter due to snow on road to launch.
Restrictions None
Site Type Open
Fees None
Contact Rich Jesuroga at
Club Website

<googlemap lat="38.281178" lon="-105.892067" zoom="13"> 38.26810, -105.89858, Main LZ 38.29178, -105.88252, Main Launch </googlemap>


Located near Villa Grove, CO in the San Luis Valley. Site faces SW at approximately 9,700ft MSL, 1,700ft above the primary LZ which is at 8,000ft MSL. The primary LZ is miles and miles of grass and short sage fields starting at the base of the Sangre De Cristo range. The Sangre De Cristos range from 12,000ft MSL to over 14,000ft MSL and run unbroken for over 60 miles to the south of launch, then a 15 mile gap and continuing into New Mexico. Both ridge soaring and thermal opportunities. Flying possible usually April - October with great XC potential. Villa is a H2/P2 site early mornings and late evenings when conditions permit. Minimum H3/P3 other times. Paraglider pilots should use extreme caution mid day due to high wind and strong thermals.


Pioneered by Colorado Springs pilots. Contact Rocky Mountain Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association or Site Guide Pilot Rich Jesuroga at


This is a high altitude big air mountain site that sits along the north end of the Sangre De Cristo range. Visiting pilots should be prepared for high altitude flying including cold weather gear, flying with a hydro pack and radio. Oxygen is recommended.


For more information contact: Rich Jesuroga at

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