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Standard Disclaimer: These are solely my viewpoints and should be considered as opinion only. Listen to or follow them at your own discretion!

Helmet Review by Brian: Uvex Hang Gliding Helmet.

- Fit: I purchased a used Uvex hang gliding helmet primarily because of fit. I have a 'Shoei head' in motorcycle terms and I find that there aren't many helmets that comfortably fit my noggin'. The Uvex fit the bill. I wear a XL Uvex as well as a XL Shoei. That information may or may not be helpful to others. However, I'm discovering that many hang gliding pilots also own motorcycles. This helmet also allows the wearer to comfortable don sunglasses without too much pressure at the temples.

- Finish: While a used helmet, the finish didn't have any manufacturing defects. The liner is in good condition and all gaskets are firmly attached to the shell. I like the fact that there is no visible foam seen through the lining of the helmet. I don't like the fact that the lining is fixed and not removable for cleaning. The helmet comes with quick-release clasp and a nicely padded chin strap. I can't verify this from the web, but it appears that the helmet is constructed of kevlar or possibly carbon fiber. A dark shell weave is slightly visible pulling back an ear pad.

- Weight: The Uvex seems to be in the same 650g weight range as the Icaro 4fight and Chaly NoLimit. This is a very light weight helmet and is very comfortable during flight.

- Visibility: Visibility while wearing the Uvex helmet is excellent. The chin guard is the only part of the helmet visible... and that just barely. I believe the manufacturer forms the front of the chin guard in a 'teardrop' shape to improve downward visibility and it certainly works.

- Hearing/Wind Noise: Two things of note on the Uvex helmet. There are no ear holes through the shell of the helmet and there appears to be consideration for a radio system. The lack of ear holes doesn't hinder hearing. There is no foam in the ear pockets and sound seems to transmit well through the shell of the helmet. The helmet has a nice bit of padding around the ears that seals nicely to the head and helps eliminate any wind noise or whistling as well.

-Price: The Uvex lists for $299. This seems to be at the upper end of the hang gliding helmet market. This price reflects a helmet with no visor capabilities while it's competitors have visors included or visor options at a similar price. However, the entry fee buys a quality, well-made, and comfortable helmet.

The attached pictures are of my Uvex helmet with a Troy Lee Designs decal kit. The standard Uvex helmet is white only. Uvex-side.jpg Uvex-upsidedown.jpg