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Tom Galvin's Pacific Airwave 11 meter Pulse on the Ellenville, NY Launch January 2008.

Wing: Pacific Airwave Pulse 11M, Wills Wing Falcon 1 225, Discus 14

Harness: High Energy Tracer Extreme

Instruments: Brauniger IQ One

Home club: SNYHGPA

Current rating: Hang 4

Special Skills: FL, FSL, TUR, RLF, XC, CL, AWCL

Appointments: BAS INST

Highest Alt: 7,600 AGL, Approx 7,920 MSL

Longest duration flight: 2:15

Longest XC

*Straight line = 12.5 Miles.
*Out and Return = 9 Miles

Sites flown:

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