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1. How old are you?

   I am old enough to know better but to young to really care. My manufacture date is 09/07/58

2. Where did you grow up?

   I was a military brat so I lived all over. Although I was born in Delavan Wisconsin, I have
   never been there to this date. Although I did fly over the top of Delavan on the way to
   Canada once, not much there. Dad was shipped out when I was 1.5 yrs old and we ended up in 
   Oklahoma for 9yrs. That is where Mom and Dad was born. After that it was off to Great Falls
   Montana. Then off to Anchorage AK, Las Vegas NV, San Bernardino CA, then up to Tacoma WA, 
   Back to Great Falls to graduate from CRM class of 77, Met my lovely wife(Carmela)my senior yr.
   (she was a junior) We got married in Las Vegas on 06/06/78 moved to OKC for 8 months and
   finally settled here in Las Vegas ever since. We celebrate our 36th anniversary in June/2014    

3. Where are you based now?

   I have lived in Las Vegas since Feb 79

4. What do you do for your 'day job'?

   I am a Corporate Pilot for Sands Aviation (Venetian Casino) in Las Vegas.
   I am a Captain on our 747SP, BBJ (737) and Gulfstream IV and III

5. Tell us about your flying business / specialty area / area of interest.

   We fly domestic and international ops (around the world) for the Owner and
   Casino (high rollers)

6. When, how and why did you start Hang Gliding?

  Started in 1979 here in Las Vegas. I seen that Wriggles Gum commercial on tv and 
  knew that I had to do that. I had always wanted to fly (grew up on Air Force Bases)
  and Hang Gliding was the way to the sky. I went down to the library to check out
  some books on Hang Gliding and the librarian (Doug) was actually a Hang Glider Pilot
  and knew someone that was selling a glider and harness. That afternoon I was the
  proud owner on a Cirrus III 

7. What equipment do you use?

   I started out with a Cirrus 3 ($450) and a cheap stirrup harness ($50). Flew that for
   a year. Then I bought a Up Mosquito from Sparks for $800 and ordered a new Robertson
   stirrup harness and then later modified it to a cocoon harness. It now hangs in the 
   Air & Space Museum in Dulles. Flew that setup till 84 then bought a new Delta Wing 
   Streak and Airstream harness. Flew the Streak/Airstream till 2001. In 2009 I bought a
   used Fight Designs Exxtacy Rigid Wing, first rigid wing I have ever flown. I used my
   Airstream harness till summer of 2009 then I bought a used Rotor from Mike(WonderBoy).
   In Feb/2011 I bought a Bright Star Millennium from Shad(SkyShaddo). If I don't get a
   Swift, this will be the last glider I ever fly......Yes it is that good!!!
   (I still have the Exxtacy though ;)'     

8. What achievements have you had flying?

  Well, Hang Gliding, I have flown now for almost 35yrs with nothing more than landing on 
  a cactus "OUCH" other than that, NOT A SCRATCH. As of 12/2012 I have only flown 60 miles
  X/C but with the Millennium that will change for sure. Climbed up to 17,500' in the Owens
  Valley CA. and at King Mt. Idaho. I am mostly a ridge rat.
  In Powered flight, 

9. What is the best moment you've had flying?

10. What is the worse moment you've had flying?

11. Where are we (most often) going to find you flying?

12. What is your favorite thing about Hang Gliding?

13. How has Hang Gliding changed your life?

14. Do you have any advice for men thinking about getting into Hang Gliding?

15. Do you have any advice for women thinking about getting into Hang Gliding?

16. What was the best advice you were ever given?

17. Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?

18. Who are your male roles models?

19. Who are your female roles models?

20. Where can we find your blogs?

21. Where can we find your photo albums?

22. Where can we find your Youtube etc Video albums?

23. Where can we find your club's website info?

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