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In 2008 the Advisory Board was activated ... balanced but took on NO role in management oversight ... also only TEMPORARY!!

Torrey Management Diagram AB 03.jpg

This diagram shows how the Torrey Pines City Park Advisory Board could be used as the advisory body at the Torrey Pines Gliderport. As shown in the diagram, the Advisory Board does contain a balanced representation from all four primary user groups of the Gliderport. There are, however, two problems with the use of the Advisory Board in this role.

The first problem is that it has refused to address any of the ongoing management issues at the Gliderport. Initially (back in 2008), the chairwoman (Virginia "Ginny" Barnes) stated that the management aspects would be addressed later in the process and that they were going to focus on the physical aspects of the park first. This has dragged on for well over a year since the first Advisory Board meetings, and the management issues still have not been addressed.

The second problem is more dire. The Advisory Board was created out of a settlement between the City of San Diego and the Coastal Law Enforcement Action Network (CLEAN). That settlement required the creation of the Advisory Board and it did not specify any limitations on its duration. However, for some reason, the City has taken the position that the Advisory Board will only exist until it makes its recommendations on the Torrey Pines City Park Development Plan. The Development Plan was also specified in the settlement agreement, but it was never tied to the Advisory Board. This means that the Advisory Board is planned to "sunset" and dissolve at some time in the near future.

Other than those two defects, the Advisory Board would be the ideal organization to oversee the management at the Gliderport. It is an official City of San Diego Advisory Board, and it contains a fair balance of all 4 sports and all both of the major perspectives (concession and user) within the hang gliding and paragliding communities.

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