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In 2007 the Soaring Council was reactivated ... but it was very unbalanced and took on no advisory role with the City

Torrey Management Diagram SC 03.jpg

This diagram shows how the Torrey Pines Soaring Council could be used as the advisory body at the Torrey Pines Gliderport. As shown in the diagram, there are some problems with using the Soaring Council in that capacity.

The first problem is that the Soaring Council has refused to be involved in making any kinds of advisements regarding the operations of the Gliderport. The Council has worked to protect the sailplane runways and it has continued its previous role in preserving the historical aspects of the Gliderport. But it has failed to establish any ongoing role in overseeing the operational aspects of the park - particularly as related to its user groups.

The second problem with the Soaring Council is that it's not balanced. It currently contains 3 clubs representing the one sport of RC flying and only 2 clubs representing BOTH sports of hang gliding and paragliding combined (as shown by the number of lines leading from the clubs to the Council). The Soaring Council also fails to make any distinction between the sports of hang gliding and paragliding, and they are lumped together into the single category of "ultralights". In the past, this has caused the Council to be further unbalanced when the two "ultrilight" clubs (SDHGPA and USHPA) chose only paragliding pilots as their representatives. In this example, the Soaring Council was without ANY hang gliding representation for almost all of 2007. In fact, it was only after the application of the Torrey Hawks Hang Gliding Club in September of 2007 that the SDHGPA finally conceded and provided a biwingual pilot to the Council. If nothing else, this demonstrates that the SDHGPA has not been a strong advocate for hang gliding. Additionally, the Soaring Council has resisted the addition of a separate hang gliding club (the Torrey Hawks) for over 2 years now. This does not lead to any confidence that the Council will be a fair oversight body.

So until these two defects are corrected (with a willingness to be involved in operational oversight, and with an effort to properly balance the Council), the Soaring Council makes a poor choice to oversee the management of the Gliderport. Additionally, the Soaring Council appears to have reconstituted itself as a private organization (technically the Executive Board of the Torrey Pines Gliderport Historical Society) as opposed to its original charter under the city's parks department.

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