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Back in 2006, there was no active Soaring Council or Advisory Board - the City was the only oversight body and it had no flight expertise

Torrey Management Diagram None 03.jpg

This diagram shows the situation in 2006 before the Torrey Pines Soaring Council was re-activated and before the Torrey Pines City Park Advisory Board was created. At that time (and actually continuing through today) the only oversight body for the Gliderport was the City itself. But within the City, of course, there are many options. These include: Parks and Recreation, Real Estate Assets, City Council, and even the Mayor's Office. There have been two problems with these avenues.

The first problem is that none of those agencies has wanted to get involved with the problems at the Gliderport. For example, problems taken to Real Estate Assets would often be directed to Parks and Recreation with the reason: "Real Estate Assets just manages the properties for the Parks Department, but they make the decisions." Not surprisingly, problems taken to the Parks Department were similarly directed back to Real Estate Assets with the reason: "Real Estate Assets is currently managing that property for the Parks Department." This exact scenario has actually happened in the past.

The second problem is that bringing up problems to any City agency is not in the best interests of maintaining the site. I believe this fear has been over-played at times ("Don't tell the City that you're being mistreated or you'll threaten the site"), but even so, there is some truth to that statement. For that reason, it would be much better to have a body made up of only pilots to handle issues that arise within the pilot community.

So for those reasons (and many others), we should establish a fair oversight body to handle disputes within the pilot community and also to unite the various pilot groups to promote and protect the Torrey Pines Gliderport.

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