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Goal: An advisory body with equal representation for all sports to advise both City and concessionaire

Torrey Management Diagram CB 03.jpg

This diagram shows an advisory body (Board or Council) made up of delegates from all flight sports which are provided through local and possibly national organizations. All 4 flight sports have separate representation.

The pilots in each flight sport are organized by their membership in local (and national clubs). Each of these clubs is allowed to select delegates to represent them at the advisory body. The advisory body will then issue Advisements to the City, the concessionaire, the clubs, and even the pilots. These Advisements are just that - advisements. They do not carry any authority other than the fact that they were generated by a body of representatives familiar with each of the 4 flight disciplines at the Torrey Pines Gliderport.

The real value of these Advisements comes from their use (or possible use) in other venues. For example, if a pilot were suspended for some reason that the pilot felt was unjustified, then that pilot could seek an "Advisement" that his/her flight status be restored. That Advisement alone would carry no weight, but it would be more likely to cause the concessionaire to reconsider the action given that the Advisement could be taken to the City or other venue where it would be viewed with more credibility than the individual pilot. On the other hand, if the Advisement was that the concessionaire was justified, then this might discourage the suspended pilot from seeking other avenues since the Advisement of the Council would likely be used to further justify the suspension in those venues as well. Note that in both cases, the generation of an Advisement will make it more likely that the matter will be resolved without involving the City or other outside agencies (like the court system).

A similar (but hopefully less confrontational) example might be the watering of the grass. It would be perfectly reasonable for the advisory body to issue an Advisement that grass would be a more suitable launching and landing surface for paragliders, with less importance to hang gliders and even less to RCs and sailplanes. That Advisement in itself would not change anything, but it could be used in a proceeding to balance the needs of the flying community against the needs of other groups who might oppose grass at the Gliderport.

In other words, an advisory body like this will be able to represent the needs of the flying community as separate from the needs of the concessionaire. In some cases (like the first example above) these needs may be in conflict, but in many cases (like the second example) these needs will coincide. In either case, the pilot user groups who fly at the Gliderport need some mechanism of representation without having to appeal directly to the City of San Diego in all cases.

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