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Hello,I was asked to talk about our site.I would like to say that this site is truely a treasure! This site is a mini mountain site,and can be flown 360 days a year.I know because i have been hitting it hard for the last year and a half.Every weekend,Sat.Sun. even fridays.If you should get a sled ride,it will only take you 3 min. to get to the L.Z. I should know because i started to get the nick name speed run!Now, i can soar over launch,and the view is simply spectacular!I ditched work yesterday,and the wierdest thing when i got over launch,you can see Yosemite from our site!! Funny,last months USHGA (call it what you want) magazine had an article about flying California,and the editor stated that he flew Yosemite,and then went directly to Funston where he said that it was not flyable that day.SO, he literally drove PAST,PASSED a site that is soo diverse,you have ridge lift,you have thermal activity,you can go XC,Heck you can fly into Yosemite if you are feeling froggy.But be warned,they will take your glider.The pilots that fly here are world class,and the best thing is,they contantly want to help,and give advice to us less advanced pilots.And every time i fly,i leave with a bit of more info to try on my next flight.The L.Z. can be a bit tricky,but if you have your landings down,and i know you do,then no problem.All you need is speed.Speed gets you through the bad stuff,well, my buddy Dirty just called,and i have to go fly,i will get back soon to finish the page.Or better yet,i will get noman to describe the site.