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>Lobido - You just copied and pasted the Wallaby page on airtowing. This is copyrighted material and we cannot assume that wallaby would want us re-using their article. A link to the article is good, but copy/paste is bad. Lets include the link, but come up with some origional work for the page. --Designbydave 16:05, 28 August 2007 (PDT) I will check with Malcolm. Curt

>Hi. On last weekend a skilled "top-40" pilot came to our LZ, Flyranch Argentina ( He fly in mountain since 15 years ago, now he has a full carbon T2C. He said he adapted to aerotowing in one of the most recognized LZ. The course consisted in 8 flights: 2 tandem, 2 falcon, 2 sport2, and 2 on his own T2C. In his course the instructors said that the position of the tug is exactly "tug wheels on the horizon line".

Here, we use a much more high position on towing, and there are two reasons. Firstly, we need a distance from the propeller wash passing below our feet. Secondly and probably the more important, against a sided hard kick of a thermal we have to counter balance to level our glider, but this imply to do the same maneuver as entering into a strong thermal. This is, to shift our weight but pulling the bar from the corner. To pull the bar give us enough power to counter balance a strong thermal, bur we can "pull" only in the case we have enough height. Then, our ideal cone here is higher than the one you are suggesting and OUR recommended position is, "the wings of the dragonfly must be one airplane below the horizon line".

what happen with our visitor? He didn't do as we recommended him and he remained too low on the next two tows, both in a sport2. He was released from the tow the two consecutive times, both just before entering in full lock out but in position of no-way-back. It was at very very low altitude (maybe 10m-30ft) both. Once released and flying free he demonstrated his skills because he completed the turn and flared all-in-one movement landing perfectly. But it could be worst. So, I think it's important to review the position of the tug Regards. Leo