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These are my impressions of the sport2 versus the falcon.

First of all, the glide ratio is just phenomenally better. Pull in a little and you get far more speed. I pull in around half way and I'm doing about 35 mph. On a falcon it was 24 mph. I pulled in a bit more and hit 40 and left thats the fastest I've ever flown, even compared to having the bar stuffed on a falcon. Landing approaches are significantly different compared to the falcon, stuffing the bar will no longer bring you rapidly down to earth. Instead you will zoom across the field and reach the other side faster, although if you go upright, it helps mitigate that effect some.

Turning is a bit stiffer, its not a lot different but it becomes more noticeable at slower speeds. On tow the bar pressure was quite a bit less and pitch control actually seems to take less effort. Roll felt just a bit more sluggish compared to the falcon. Pulling on the VG definitely made it a lot stiffer than a falcon, but my god... the glide!

I spent probably 3/4 of my time turning in thermals at 1/4 VG and getting the glider to turn at lower speeds is a lot more difficult. When on the edge of a thermal it was difficult to turn back into while trying to maintain airspeed. Instead I had significantly better luck pulling in and over instead of just trying force the glider to turn while also maintaining 20-22 miles per hour. A falcon has the same behavior but its more pronounced in a Sport. You definitely can turn at slow speeds, but it takes a lot more effort than the falcon. At slightly higher speeds there is very little difference in the effort required to turn with the VG at 1/4.

Initially spent a lot of time trying to man-handle the glider, later I found myself easing up and allowing the glider to fly with lighter input, partially because I had to or exhaustion would be an issue.

I did a few easy stalls at 1/4 VG and found it wasn't that much different than the falcon. The stall was probably a little more pronounced, but nothing much different. The inevitable "swoop" after the stall was less pronounced and took less bar pressure to manage pitch after the stall. It picks up speed faster than the falcon. A lot faster.