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RickMs review

The glider launches real well. It wants to fly and it's easy to ground handle. For two of my flights I was last off with no help. In Both cases the winds were about 15 or so knots. I had no trouble being solo and getting off safely.

As for the size - I'm quite pleased with my choice of the 155. Fresh out of the shower I'm about 193 lbs. I have a heavy harness. I'd bet I hook in about 218 lbs. I had no problems getting up as high, if not higher at times than every one else. A buddy of mine is about 230 and he has the 175. It's 11 lbs heavier. My last flight was with him on a small ridge in light conditions. We were fairly even the whole flight. I think I did get higher in the end.

The VG is real easy to work during a flight. I usually take-off, work thermals, and land at about 1/4-3/8 VG. I've used full VG on glides between thermals. Holy crap, is it hard to turn or even level the wings at full VG. Real stiff but it sure glides. Oddly I haven't flown at zero VG yet. I just realized that. Need to do that next flight.

Landing has been so much better than the last glider I had so long ago - a Euro Sport 167. I pounded that poor glider in a bunch. 4 of my last 6 landing have been real good. On one I let myself get completely distracted while in ground effect and forgot to flare. Made some nice grass stains on my harness that day. The other a thermal came through while on final and I ended up landing downwind. The LZ is at 8000' MSL and I had about a 4 knot tailwind. Boy those weeds were moving fast. I flared as hard as I could but it wasn't enough. I ended up sliding on my knees and wheels - no whack.

I have just one issue so far and maybe others here can help. No matter what I've tried so far has helped. Every time I try to do a 360 in some lift I end up diving a bit and gaining a bunch of speed in the back of the 360. I've tried entering the turn with more speed, less speed, pulled in, pushed out, and a bunch in between. One other pilot mentioned that fresh off the line these gliders are tuned real tame. Maybe the sprogs need to be tightened up a bit.

I'm sure I'll get it figured out. Despite this issue I'm am having a great time. Like I said, I have had no trouble staying up with the other guys. Makes me wonder how well it will get when I get the 360's figured out better.

So that's my report for now. Here's a few pictures: