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Ridge Soaring Right of Way QUIZ

Are you sure you understand the right of way rules when ridge soaring?

  • Here is a series of 15 visual "puzzles" to entice you to think about ridge soaring safety and the right of way rules in more depth.
  • Many of these scenarios occur on a daily basis at crowded ridge soaring site.
  • Although the right of way rules may seem simple on the surface, fairly complex puzzles can emerge from them on any given day.
  • Pilots must learn to recognize conflicts, even when the conflict does not directly affect them.
  • Many puzzles have more than one correct answer.
  • UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED: Assume gliders are at the same altitude and flying at the same speed
  • All pilots clearly see all other pilots
  • Diagrams are not to scale. ASSUME gliders have distance between them to maneuver in time

Lets begin with the easiest puzzle everyone should know. Take a look at the diagram, read the question at the bottom of the diagram and write down your answer. Then move on to the next one.


Which glider must give way? Why?

RidgeRule Question 2