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In the USA, an Amateur Radio (HAM) License from the FCC is required under Federal law and regulation to transmit on the 2 meter amateur band, 144.000 to 148.000 MHz. No license is needed to possess a 2-meter radio or listen to transmissions on those frequencies. Other nations have similar requirements based on being signatories to international telecommunications treaties. However, in some countries simple possession of a 2-meter radio may require a license.
The USHPA also holds an organizational license to use selected frequencies in the Business Band, 151.6250 - 151.9550 MHz range. USHPA rated pilots are authorized to use those frequencies after completing a simple use and safety test that any USHPA instructor or Observer can administer. Approval to use the USPHA frequencies will appear on a member's membership & rating card.
By local convention, many hang gliding communities use specific frequencies, chosen to avoid radio repeaters, as well as known local high-use radio-to-radio frequencies.
Only radios certified by the manufacturer for use in the business band should be used on the USHPA frequencies. While some 2-meter amateur radios can be modified to operate on the business band, such radios should only be used to listen but not transmit. Business band radios operate with a higher precision of frequency selection than amateur radios. (Note the three - versus four-decimal place frequency specifications.) Use of a 2-meter amateur radio to transmit in the business band can cause interference with licensed radios operating on nearby frequencies.

Site / Club Location Frequency
Black Hawk (2m Amateur HAM Band) CA 146.4150
Crestline (2m Amateur HAM Band) CA 146.4150
Elsinore (2m Amateur HAM Band) CA 144.1200
Redlands (AM Aircraft Band) CA 123.3500
Santa Barbara (2m Amateur HAM Band) CA 146.4600
Sylmar (2m Amateur HAM Band) CA 147.5550
Torry Pines (Business Band) CA 151.6250
Slide Mt (2m Amateur HAM Band) NV 147.555
Packsaddle (Business Band) TX 151.9250
USHPA (Business Band) USA 151.5050
USHPA (Business Band) USA 151.6250
USHPA (Business Band) USA 151.9250
USHPA (Business Band) USA 151.9550
USHPA (Business Band) USA 158.4000
HGFA (AM Aircraft Band) AUSTRALIA 126.700
HPAC (AM Aircraft Band) CANADA 123.400
FFVL (VHF Band) France 143.9875
FSVL (AM Aircraft Band) Switzerland 123.425
FSVL (AM Aircraft Band) Switzerland 130.925
FSVL (AM Aircraft Band) Switzerland 123.475