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Beginner's Training Manuals

In the USA, there are two training manuals that are widely used:


It's not necessary to have both, but if one book is not doing the job for you, try the other one. It is important to realize that the style and quality of flying instruction may vary. You need to find what works best for you, both from HG books, and from HG instructors.

You may find these books at the public library, or your local library may be able to get them from another library, on a library-to-library loan. Do NOT depend on your instructor to teach you all that you should know, to fly. Learning to fly well is a lifetime enterprise; it should not start, or stop, with HG lessons.

Aerotow and Scooter Tow pilots may also want this:

Further Reading

  • The Art of Skysailing - a Risk Management Manual for Hang Gliding (DVD/Notebook) Australia available here

(Try for the best available prices.)