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The front rack was a home designed. We then took the blue print to our local welding shop. Most welding shoping well be more than happy to weld whatever you come up with. The front uprights and the holder were then powdered coated. You can use a can paint but make sure every once in awhile you re-paint to avoid rust.

The holder is open at the bottom where the uprights fit into the holder. This will allow water to flow through. A nut and bolt is also in place to keep the rack from rattling. The bottom uprights are angled to fit snug by the nut bolt. The pins that also help keep it from rattling is something we bought a regular ole hardware store.

The mid-section -Yakima racks.

The foam pads were actually bought a foam shop. The foam place was nice enough to cut the pieces to size so we can wrap and tape with grafer tape.

When not flying the front rack is easily removed and placed in the back of the vehicle or stored inside the garage. The holder is attached by nuts and bolts. Painted to match :-)

Your cost will vary and this was not a cheap way to go.

SUV mid section.jpg

Suv rack1.jpg

Suv front section.jpg