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Paresev will be examined in this wiki.

Things to do for this wiki, want to help?

  • [ ] Selected links
  • [ ] Comprehensive image link set and analysis
  • [ ] Eight pilots of these kite-gliders. Link to biographical sources.
  • [ ] Charles Richard
  • [ ] Paul Bikle
  • [ ] Early land towing learning incident
  • [ ] Archive access studies
  • [ ] Distinction from Ryan Aeronatical matters
  • [ ] Distinction from Francis Rogallo actions
  • [ ] Challenges of at-space-vehicle deployment and distinctions from the all-up kite-gliders used for pilot training; the two matters are different and are aspects of the program. Inadequate confidence about the at-space-vehicle deployment mechanisms did not bring inadequacy to the trainer kite-gliders. The positive aspects of both the sectors can be valued to affect the growth of hang glider technology.
  • [ ] Someone write up about: How did the wing and experience and exposure of Paresev affect the minds, hearts, and mechanical technology of the world of hang gliding?
  • [ ] Someone write up about: Why the Paresev did not use the already sport-found 1908 pilot-hung behind cable-stayed triangle control frame pendulumed pilot weight-shift control format. The focus on deployment from space with expensive human astronaut bodies at high altitude meant that NASA would not use that 1908 most simple format that we still use today in personal hang glider sport and hobby flights in relatively low altitude. But nevertheless the kite-gliders of Paresev used essential the same public domain mechanicals that had been decades earlier invented by someone: weight-shift control, tensionally hanging pilot and his needed gear, and modifying the overhead control-wing to a stick. The quick art used did not reach novelty; the aeronautical engineers simply used common-pool art to arrange their immediate solutions.
  • [ ] Plans for each of the various versions of Paresev vehicles. Plans for the wing of each of the vehicles.
  • [ ] Arrange to visit the archives. Withdraw copies of as much of the archives the government will release.
  • [ ] Sharpen the timeline for the Paresev program.
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