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JV-Joe's description of the rack:

I needed another rendition of a glider rack since we came up with the conclusion that welding metal to the front of my vehicle would require cutting through some bumper and other headaches. So after some thought we came up with this.... All parts/materials were around $80. Labor was around 2 hours all together, but it was extremely fun coming up with the final setup. The rack consists of 3 suction cup handles purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond for 20 bucks each. Everything else was from the local Home Depot. I used PVC piping and fittings for the front rack and some fasteners to attach them to the suction cups, and it was the same story for the back end rack. folds up fast and easily storable. Tested the rack on and off the freeway and it does well. NO creaking, no bending, and it seems solid! hope this helps someone who was in the same boat as me... check it out





Note the rope used to tie the legs together, and that a hook is used at the back of the hood rather than another set of suction cups. JV-Joe's description of why he chose this:

The third leg with the rope is exactly that, it keeps it from spreading. I tried to use the third suction cup for the third leg but that just keeps the whole structure vulnerable for popping out by itself, utilizing the third leg "hook" thing and apply some tension surprisingly keeps it from spreading and popping the 2 legs with suction cups.