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Open side dolly (Videos are linked below)

I learned to aerotow several years ago and have done many tows since. Enjoyed most of them and learned from all of them. Aerotowing is a great option to get in the sky when no mountain is available due to season or geography. Aerotowing allows us to improve our flying and landing skills while keeping current with the flying community. One aspect of aerotowing from a dolly that I have disliked from the beginning was the need to step over the side of the dolly to load the glider. I consider it very awkward to step over the dolly side carrying the glider and trying to master the art of swinging my harness over with my foot while maintaining the glider in balance with the elements. Loading and moving a standard dolly on a vehicle is not so difficult but it can be inconvenient depending on the vehicle. To remedy my issues with the standard dolly I have built a new style that is still the basic triangle shape but I moved one of the sides over past centerline to allow the pilot to load a glider without the need to step over the side. We have tested it and it works great for launching and disassembles into four pieces for transport. Three of the pieces are the wheels. Dolly weighs 85 pounds assembled. One unforeseen aspect of the dolly we discovered during the flight test is that the open side allows for the pilot assistant to run freely along side the pilot for a push start. This is the first iteration of the design and I am sure there will be improvements with time. Hake a look at the video and let me know what you think. Any name suggestions for the dolly are also welcome.

Bruce Cowan

USHGA 83777