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From member ResidentHooligan -

Here is my design for an inexpensive and easy to build front suction cup rack. The continuous O shape is much stronger than using a joint and fastener method. I am using it on an Outback and it's big enough for one glider.

To secure it to your vehicle, you'll slide the conduit to one side which will allow you to operate the levers for the cups. Once you have it in place, slide the door stops over the levers. This will keep the rack from moving left to right while it's on your vehicle. I tied it and the glider to the hooks beneath my car.

So far taken I've it about 75 miles in one day. City and highway driving, top speed 80mph. The rack didn't jiggle or bounce and the cups stayed firmly in place. Thanks to everyone on this forum for posting your rack ideas and as always, use this info at your own risk.


1/2" Conduit $3.00 (Home Depot)

3/4" Tubing/Conduit/Copper Pipe --

Rubber door stops $2.00 (Home Depot)

Suction Cup Lifter $19.00 ($19 shipped, from Jack's Tool Shed)

Pool Noodle $1.00 (K-Mart)

Zip ties --


Conduit bender

Hacksaw or conduit cutter


1. If needed, file out the handle of the lifter. Mine had some crud in there from where it came out of the mold. Cut a 4" piece of 3/4" tubing to fit inside the handle. This will give the 1/2" conduit a snug fit

2. Place a center mark on the conduit. Put the sleeve into the suction cup lifter and then push the conduit through. Make a 90deg bend on each side. I started the bottom bends at 4" off center.

4. Now, it's time to measure the rack. Take it out to your vehicle and measure where the top of the rack should go. This is going to be the center of your bend. Make two more 90 degree bends. Cut off the excess conduit (if any). Fasten the two pieces together with zip ties.

5. Get your noodle out and secure it. The part I used in the pic is from an old windsurfer carrier I had laying around.

6. Cut the nub out of the door stops so that it fits over the lever

Hope someone finds this useful!

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