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This wiki is for meta analysis of GH regarding JD.

Why this analysis? The aim is to have hang gliding history seen richly, the best we may muster. Statements may ever be examined; the process helps to unfold the history. This is just a tiny corner of hang gliding history; other corners are being developed by thousands of writers and illustrators; each corner has an importance that may change, depending on perspective, clout, footprint, quality, accuracy, validity, presentation, and significance This particular corner examines the GH-re-JD sector, just one of the tens of thousands of corners of the large world of hang gliding history.
This wiki does not examine the living persons' personal characters, but rather stays focussed on kites, gliders, hang gliders, and acts of hang gliding and kiting, and interpretive statements made by GH regarding JD.
Key aspects:
  • How authority is being abused.
  • What authority?
  • Where are the statements being made by GH regarding JD? See: GHlinkset
  • What are the troublesome statements made by GH regarding the JD world of kiting and hang gliding? Each found troublesome statement will be analyzed in hopes of getting clear about what may be troublesome about the statement with aim of adding positively to the history of hang gliding. See table of contents of such examinations. See: Critical examination of GH statements


  • GH is an authority over some primary JD materials. Thanks for that good work. But no thanks for over-claiming on important matters that detract from the merit of others and of the health of hang gliding innovation. But GH splash of untenable exclamations (and JD by defaulting to GH) are to be one-by-one put in the light of day. Authority abuse wins no respect by some critical thinking students of hang gliding history; some will sit back and just be pushed under untenable auras adjacent to otherwise interesting facts; the error of non-sequitor and the error of false claim should not be tolerated sans critical exposure by those who care to sharpen hang gliding history. It is an exciting time. Fun. Participate in some corner. Pick interpretive claims and see what happens when one brings forward countering facts. In all, a review of history results and new clarity may emerge.
  • Opinions and beliefs are important sectors of human culture. Perspectives are core. Awareness of distinctions among these aspects of hang gliding history serve balanced understanding and appreciation. Respecting differences is important so gems are not lost.
  • GH is carving out a perspective filled with his opinions (that process is common for any author or wiki poster). Everyone's perspective while being appreciated may also be critically analyzed for soundness, significance, and usefulness. Questions during the study and analysi may open new avenues of creativity that may have the potential to positively further hang gliding culture. Whatever is helpful in a flow by an author or artist might be emphasized to positively grow hang gliding. Whatever is hurtful in a flow by an author or artist might be brought clearly into view, so one might have easy access of hazards to avoid; perhaps resolution and morphing of hurtful aspects of flows could finally improve hang gliding culture. All are invited to join some of their time to improvement and polish some sector of hang gliding history. This GH-JD corner is just a tiny corner of the big picture. But it is opinion and belief of some people in hang gliding that GH is using many untenables and next to interesting facts in order to have the fact aura carry the untenables forward; exposing the untenables via critical analysis is one tool to improve hang gliding history; hopefully GH will sift out his untenables and build just tenable text. Same for each author, no one excluded; we humans who are writing text for hang gliding history invitably carry things that could be improved. GH is aggressively making footprint for whatever motivations; because he is doing, he perhaps will be helped by critical analysis others do over his works. He has won attention for his focus on JD; he has won attention for his untenables; hopefully he will win positive attention for his careful weighing of the critical analysis that is growing over his doings and text. Be part of the story of helping GH improve his text! If hang gliding culture sits back and lets any worker injure our history with untenables, then no one wins, it seems to this note poster.

To dos, want to help?

  • [ ] Find a GH overclaim. Start a focus on the statement. Others might follow to forward your selection's analysis.
  • [ ] Help bring awareness to the HGFA and BHGA about the potential impact of GH untenables over their organizations.
  • [ ] Further one of the paragraphs already in this project.
  • [ ] Write to GH and encourage him to delete untenables while inserting tenables. Easy. Be ready for his laudable energy!
  • [ ] Write to JD and encourage him to speak up for himself, as he is still capable of doing such.
  • [ ] Write to Mike Burns and encourage him to put on the table a robust exposure of his full history as regards the roots of Ski Plane. This would help put some things into balanced perspective.
  • [ ] Help improve each related file.
  • [ ] Write to the FAI and ask them to issue an amendment Diploma that damps untenable parts of the original Diploma. An FAI that simply rubber stamps HGFA inputs that were spawned by GH aggression that ended in high level untenables in the original Diploma would seem to be important. Improving things! Getting hammered from on high from FAI is not fun; perhaps FAI will one day discover how important this matter is to the hang gliding culture; an alternative organization is already being born to handle international hang gliding matters in part because of the intransigence related to the untenables in the Diploma. is the birthed org; who knows where this might go.
  • [ ] Write blog essays on some point of hang gliding history that interests you.
  • [ ] Play a part in exposing the rich pool of known mechanical arts that were available to skilled at each year of aviation history.
  • [ ] ?

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