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This is a great glider for someone looking for their first double-surface. 18 wing batons, 4 underneath and 14 on the top, plus one in the nose make setup relatively painless and can be accomplished in 15-20 mins. A well made wing, the few areas that experience wear are easily accessible during a preflight. I prefer the Wills Wing style nose wire attachment. This one always gets a second look before flight. 65 or so pounds on the scale make it capable of being loaded on a vehicle or shed by a single person with a little effort.

The glide is up there with more advanced models at trim, but it sinks pretty fast when you haul the bar in which can make it easier for a beginner to put it down rather than overshooting their landing area. Bar pressure is pretty high, which backs up my observation that this wing wants to fly straight and level and lets you know where it needs to be. May be a little tiring for the XC pilot. Stalls are gradual and obvious, with no tendency to spin. Handling response at low speeds takes a little getting used to, but is not too much of a step up from a Falcon. Step on the gas, and she'll reveal a very slight tendency to let you PIO, but without any yaw instability. Let the bar out to 3/4 or half stuffed, and you'll break right out of it without even trying.

Thermaling is almost a no-brainer. The heavier bar pressure shows itself again which can wear you out if you fight it. The yaw dynamics perk up a bit when you throw it on a wingtip, which gives you a good fighting chance on light days. Coordinated turns are natural and seem to be her default behavior. Stuff the bar and drop into a slipping 180, and you'll be rewarded with a nice taste of adrenaline and a boost in confidence as you roll out and level off simply by nudging her over an inch or two. There's no flutter or stickiness here, she cuts the air like a knife.

Flare window is forgiving, and a nice taste of energy retention lets you open it up even further during a speedy ground effect. Breakdown is standard, just pull the batons and roll the sail. An external baton pocket on the bag is a hassle, but it's well made and won't easily tear.