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Low canard sled wing Canard WingSled(tm) Sledding over plants, rocks, holes, ruts, etc. is the "sled" part of low canard sled wings

Challenges motivating low canard sled wing

  • SoGHG stumbles
  • Downwind landings
  • Flatland long gliding
  • Downwind downslop out landings over plants and rocks
  • In replacement of wheels
  • Monitor platform
  • Thermal sniffer
  • Light holder
  • So basebar of TCF basebar and pilot parts are not snagged
  • Instead of skids or wheels


  • At breakage, netting embedding is wanted to keep parts from going into the pilot.
  • The bracing member(s) could be also with netting embedded to prevent breakage to fly into the pilot.


  • Airfoil is to be double-convexed.
  • Holding braces are to be streamlined.