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Pros: Sink rate, launching and landing, handling with VG, speed range, ability to auto core, control frame size and able carry a more robust pilot.

Cons: Weight of glider, tendency to yaw, pitch pressure with minimal VG. There is an order to setting up and breaking down, tips sitting on the ground.

What I like best about the glider is the control frame. Even though it is a bigger glider Moyes did not make the control frame longer. I may be a big girl (out of shower 210lbs was 230lbs) but I am fairly short in height (5’41/2”). The LS 5 has the same frame as the LS 4. That is top notch in my book! Weight range for pilot is up words of 285lbs which out of the bigger gliders out this one carries the most weight. Moyes gliders have always been known to carry pilot weight well. If you are on the lower end of the LS 5 you may consider the smaller size the LS 4. Consider what type of flying you do as well.

This glider has a really nice sink rate glider and speed range. I find myself up there with the topless and ridged gliders. It launches and lands extremely nice. The flare window is fairly huge. The weight of the glider at ~72lbs shows through on launch and lifting it up in the bag. It is a heavy glider and you feel it with light winds. This is a little disconcerting when standing there on launch. Have no fear you will find in about 2-3 steps the glider is floating off your shoulders. Once you have enough speed the glider will fly away like it was nothing. The weight of the LS 5 is about the same as the topless Litespeed 4. Since I needed the larger glider and I was not going to put up with even more weight. I opt for the Litesport 5 and not the topless glider Litespeed 5 to save glider weight.

Pulling the VG is fairly easy. I do launch and land with ¼ to 1/3 VG. I am finding landing with a little more VG you can have that crisp flare. In turbulent condition it will keep you on your toes. There is so much VG string in the glider pulling on a little extra barely tightens the glider. You are no way sacrificing controllability with 1/3 to ¼ and you will find the glider response nicely. I have yet to fly with no VG I do not see a reason to do so.

Thermalling the glider is really nice it likes to be pushed out then find that sweet spot in the thermal and you are auto coring. With VG set to half to ¾ you do have to do more high siding when coring but this will give you the best sink. Turning the glider in ridge lift with ¾ is very stiff but at ½ it is only slightly stiff. Anything less and the glider turns no problem. If the thermals are hard to core then drop a little VG for the handling and less high siding. To get to the next thermal pull the VG and GO. It will pick up speed fast do not get behind the glider you will find yourself in a PIO situation. Relax let the bar out and pull back in slowly bumping the glider.

I have yet to fly with full VG with this glider. I have no need to. The only time I flew with full VG and the string was WAY out there. I was in my test flight on the LS with all mylar. I flew down the ridge about 4miles and was just above the mountain tops I thought for sure I was going to land out. I pulled on full VG and started back to the main LZ. To my surprise I made it across the valley and to the main LZ with plenty of altitude. I am positive had I been on my other glider I would had to land out.

If I had to gripe about this glider is tendency to yaw and with minimal VG and the pitch pressure is high. It is okay when thermalling but when you are coming into a HOT LZ this yaw will keep you on your toes and trying to hold the bar in is tough. The best thing I find is just let it do its thing and wait. Do not input you will get behind the glider. It will come back straight again and you can have a nice landing.

So if you want a glider that is not as heavy as the topless but performs right up there with them. Or if you on the upper end weight range of most other gliders then I’d test fly this one. You might be pleasantly surprised.

This glider is not a beginners glider and should be treated as such.

Happy flying!