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Foot launch

The traditional way of launching a hang glider, either running down a hill or off of the side of a mountain.


You don't need a hill to get a hang glider into the air. There are a number of different ways to tow a glider.


An ultralight aircraft can tow a hang glider thousands of feet into the air.

Scooter Towing

A modified motor scooter can make an excellent winch, and can pull a hang glider to nearly 1000 feet.

Truck Towing

A truck or trailer equipped with a Payout Winch is a popular launching method in flatland areas.

A Payout Winch can tow HGs up to several thousand feet AGL, and any vehicle with a trailer hitch can be the tow-vehicle.

A rewind motor can retrieve the towline, before it can hit the ground.

Boat Towing

The same payout winch used in truck towing works just as well from a boat.