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This wiki will examine JD boyhood kite. People skilled in the arts of aviation know that any kite has a glider regime. Even Leonardo da Vinci illustrated the gliding of even a simple piece of paper; the drawing shows the piece gliding one way and then another. Kites may be made with inflexible flight surface, but mostly kites are found either fully limp sailed or sticked or boned sailed; those skilled in kite-glider arts have for centuries known the obvious: the stick-sailed kites are flexible-wing devices that kite and have a gliding regime. Such matter is regularly part of the common pool of mechanicals that had been discovered In 1904 at Berck Beach, such common art was exercised in a boned kite tethered by armpit ligaments of Jan Lavezzari; the fundamental daring thing done on the beach was to risk one's own bones to use the known available capabilities of kites in their gliding regime. The boyhood kite apparently used by John Dickenson with his father's assistance was no different in some regards here; a sticked flexible sail that could be tethered in various ways and in some arrangements use the kite system's gliding regime. GH suspects that such experience prepared JD to explore kites later in life: boned flexible sail used for kiting and sometimes used in the kite's gliding regime. JD crafted another instance of a kite; and a manned kite at that; embodied in the manned kite was the control system that was mechanically part of the public-domain already-invented art; indeed the exact cable-stayed triangle control frame with pilot hung on short kite-line behind the TCF was found embedded once again in a kite-glider. JD's boyhood kite experience seems to have prepared him for his sporting activity in later years. Thanks to all those who brought forward kites for next generations. And thanks to such as Thomas Walker for giving focus to altering the placement of mass to alter the gliding regime of kite-gliders in the first two decades of the 1800s; such progress in the mechanical arts by Walker fed the kite scene that would tend to affect users of kites' gliding regimes. Of course, Walker does not stand alone in such gifting. JD's boyhood kite is chronicled some by GH, which see GHlinkset. [_] Invited are exact URLs of the boyhood-kite page. The kite was probably one of these kite types.

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