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This wiki will examine the JDRKs, that is, the rotary-wing kites in the experience of John Dickenson.

  • The source of information for JDRKs
  • JDRK#1
  • JDRK#2
  • JDRK#3

Bensen tech-flow gyro kite-glider involvement by JD

[_]??... Time period of this kite involvement: ___________ to __________. His involvement in gyro-kite world was started much before his involvement with the water-ski kite. This matter is especially important because the tech flow from Igor Bensen pendulum weight shift control of kite-glider in 1953 with pilot tensionally hung behind triangular control frame was in itself a mechanical use of what had been in common art pool from at least 1908 (when the cable-stayed TCF in front of hung controlling hang glider pilot was in a foot-launched hang glider in territory of Breslau). JD using Bensen-tech flow in a modified stick has us seek all the images of Bensen matters that JD had during the gyro kite-glider involvement.
Gyro-kite-glider No. 1 Date started: ________ What reference materials?
Gyro-kite-glider No. 2 Date started: ________ what reference materials?
Gyro-kite-glider No. 3

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