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Hensons Launch Ramp.
Arial View of Hensons Launch.
View to valley from Hensons launch.

Site Geography

Direction: 320

Elevation MSL: 2300 feet

Elevation AGL: 1480 feet

Glide to LZ: 4:1

Henson Gap is owned by the Tennessee Tree Toppers. The site is rated for H2 pilots, but the LZ bumpy, is bordered by barbed wire and telephone cables, and is only partially mowed, so someone with an H2 rating should be confident in their approach and landing skills, and walk the LZ before flight. The launch ramp is wooden, and curves over the edge, which has an approx. 160' vertical drop. Often ridge soarable on N to W days, the valley below is flat and dotted with many usable backup LZ's. Launch area is shaded by trees, and features camping, restrooms with running water, indoor sleeping and cooking area, and plenty of good company.

Site works best in NW wind but is flyable in winds West to Northeast. The ridge curves around to the right of launch to face NE. PLENTY of clearance below launch.

You may not fly here without signing a waiver! Waivers are available in the green box in front of the club house.

Site has a gate which is locked if no one is around. Cliff-launch tandem flights are available from this site Thrill A Minute.

Directions To Site

Directions to launch from Dunlap

Proceed north on Hwy 127 through Dunlap. Turn right onto Hwy 111 South (toward Chattanooga) north of Dunlap. Proceed past East Valley Road exit (which may be taken to LZ: right after exit, left at Davis Chapel/East Valley Baptist Church) and up the mountain. Notice beautiful view on right. Exit right onto Lewis Chapel Road. Take first right. Left at T onto Poe Road/Henson Gap Road (unmarked). Take first right onto Window Rock Road (Bowman Road) and proceed about 1.7 miles to TTT entrance on right marked by painted rock. If you don't know the combination to the lock, contact a neighbor.

Directions to launch from Chattanooga

Take Hwy 27 north. After paralleling Walden's Ridge (the other side of which Henson's is on), passing the Hwy 153/Chickamauga Dam Exit, the town of Soddy Daisy, the Sequoyah Exit, and crossing part of the lake, exit left onto Hwy 111 North toward Dunlap. Climb mountain. Notice beautiful view on right. Proceed across plateau. Exit right then turn left onto Lewis Chapel Road. Follow "Directions to launch from Dunlap" from this point (Lewis Chapel Road).

Directions to LZ from launch

After leaving TTT driveway, turn left. Go to the end of Window Rock Road and turn left. Follow Henson's Gap Road about down the mountain and look for Davis Loop on left immediately at the bottom. Follow around until you reach the LZ. Please consider the locals and drive slowly past their houses. To proceed to the TTT LZ Shady Bottom Breakdown area, continue past Davis Loop until you see the pull-out on the left just past the sweetgum thicket. It is directly across Henson Gap Road from Graham Road on the right. Park in the grassy area behind the brush line and ditch. The TTT Rock Bottom creekside picnic area is also accessible from here