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  • Red has packed his decades of experience into his personal site, If you're a beginner pilot, there is a wealth of information here that is not to be missed: Red's personal page

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Reading Material

Any of Dennis Pagen's manuals on flying are good reading.

Hang Gliding Training Manual and Performance Flying

Complete coverage of Hang Gliding techniques for the Beginner through Intermediate pilot. By Dennis Pagen.

Performance Flying

Hang gliding techniques for the intermediate and advanced pilot. Covers subjects from aeromedical to XC and more.

The Secrets of Champions

Over 6 years in the making, 17 of the world’s top pilots, from 9 different countries, offer their different perspectives along with their insights. By Dennis Pagen. Paperback - 254 pages

Understanding the Sky

The most complete book on micrometeorology for all sport aviators. By Dennis Pagen. Paperback - 275 pages

Towing Aloft

Covers all aspects of Towing, from payout to aero, static, reel-in, scooter, boat & more! HG, PG, and Sailplane. By Dennis Pagen and Bill Bryden. Paperback - 374 pages.

-----Other authors:-----

Hang Gliding for Beginner Pilots

An easy to read and understand book about flight theory, flying skills, weather, equipment and lots more. Chosen as official manual of the U S. Hang Gliding Association. By Peter Chenney

Thermal Flying

Thermal Flying is a comprehensive guide to the art of thermaling and XC flying. This 260 page book is illustrated with clear diagrams and photos to help pilots make sense of the concepts, techniques and meteorology knowledge you need to make the most of each flying day.

Fly the wing

This is the perfect book for those curious about the sport of hang gliding. Written at a level which will not swamp the reader with daunting amount of technical details, you will learn about hang glider wings and the skills needed to fly them. 84 pages with photos and illustrations. By Lee Holms.

Aviation Weather & Weather Services

Detailed Explanation of Weather and FAA Weather Services. Fourth Edition. By Irvin Gleim. Paperback - 442 pages


Local hang gliding clubs, which are often also chapters of USHPA or the HPAC (Canada), are the core of mutual support for pilots and for preserving, maintaining, and opening new foot launch sites in the mountains. New pilots and those interested in learning to fly will find a welcoming community and a wealth of information and support from local clubs.

Canadian Clubs Note: This page generates membership statistics, so loads slowly.

USHPA Clubs & Chapters

Rochester Area Flyers, Rochester, New York

Capital Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association, CHGPA, Washington D.C. and surrounding states

Maryland Hang Gliding Association, MHGA

Hyner Hang Gliding Club, Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, Turkiye

Rocky Mountain Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association


Jeff O'Brien is one of the most prominent photographer/pilots in the U. S. A. His blog is here

Linda Salamone is one of the U. S's leading women pilots. Her blog is here