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Hang glider covers (HGCs):: UV and dust blockers (tree droppings, bird droppings, oil from public touchings, insect intrusion, insect feces, water, dew, rain, snow, hail, rubs, etc. ) set as a high hat over field-set-up hang gliders form a family of high hats giving a longer life to hang gliders. Low-mass hangars for hang gliders!

These high hats may become a side-business at club LZs and launch areas (especially when long waits occur at launch) for retired pilots wanting to contribute to the long life of hang gliders. More life for the investment in a hang glider. Think car covers, boat covers, hang glider high hat covers. We have a strong use of HG tip covers, but a low use of the HGCs (hang glider high hat) or HGH (hang glider hangars). Some pilots have used old HG sails, some Tyvek®, etc. When an LZ service is provided, the HGCs could be of heavier materials. But the design game to have a cleanable long-life high-function high hat cover-tent, etc. would be competitive. Proving best fit to wishes will be a long-term flow in hang glider culture. Self-owned, carried, flight-carried, secondary and tertiary uses, effectiveness, club-owned, HGCs service business or volunteerism, art, etc. will play in the HGCs universe.

How much value leaves a particular hang glider for each hour of exposure to the elements near the ground? Funds and safety?

Secondary uses

HGCs covers could have many secondary uses: overnight tenting during flight-site use, fliking tenting, high-wind shading, dusty-wind shading, picnic place, nap place. Need some privacy? Earth-patch exercise mat? Set-up ground cover? Set to help buddy have a clean ground-set for his or her PG? Ground blanker for family and friends while you are in the air? Sun-shade for family and friends while you are in the air? Solar-energy conversion blanket to charge your e-assist hang glider batteries or ultra-cap airframe while the hang glider is shaded from the elements? Collector of tree-fruit droppings while you are in the air; food for when you return? Slip-n-slide for the kids on not days while you are thermalling? Holder of big X on interior side; show it staked at LZ if someone needs to signal to find another LZ during emergency use of LZ for medic aircraft. Have on inside or outside a design of gameboards: chess, checkers, monopoly, etc. Big wrap to keep family and friends warm. Spread PV-type of HGCs to charge club-base batteries; the batteries could run club items or store charge to charge e-assist hang gliders? When there is safe room: HGCs covers could be Play-Sails for those not flying? For some, a HGCs set exterior side down on the ground, the interior surface could provide a clean working surface for operating a sail-removal operation or short-packing operation. If formed right HGCs covers might be long-line kite sails for kiting in itself or for tertiary purposes at club site: block tow launchings, kite-energy system. Post your secondary and tertiary uses of HGCs to grow the possibilities for all

Some will care to be sure the HGCs is actually a high-UV blocker. Others will care that moisture is blocked (thus not just any cloth will do). Toughness for multiple or high use will come into the equation for some. Great looking HGCs that add to pleasantries, conversation; some pilots might use their cover to advertise something, perhaps themselves…attraction factor for gaining partners under the HGCs for conversation or whatever…

A hang glider bag could be seen as a first-level HGCs; consider a bag that itself is an accordionized-packed openable HGCs that could high hat the set-up hang glider, if conditions invited using such.

A HGCs field servant could add life and value to your hang glider.

Did this pilot get carried away with his HGCs cover? The balloon image linked:

Related glider cover

Analysts will fine-tune the value of various hang glider high hats of the cover type or wrap type. Each product and system will receive critique. Niche uses of HGCs will flower. Stories will be shared. What goes on inside and under a HGCs will be secreted.

Intrepid hatted inventor of 1901 appears ready for multiple challenges with a big round high hat above his high hat: Inventor.jpg