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No mnemonic devices, just a strict routine. It begins after I've done a pre-flight of the wing and harness and I'm in my harness, hooked in. I get a pilot to hold my nose and I lay prone even when highly inconvenient like one particular site of ours. First, I check my hang height, about 1 fist for me, and tell the pilot that my height is good. Second, I ask the pilot(s) around me how my lines look and get an 'okay'. Third, while still laying prone, I turn around and look at my lines and verify verbally what the pilot(s) have told me and that my carabiner is up and locked. Fourth, I stand up and hook my fingers around my leg loops, show them to the pilot on my nose, and tell him 'I've got leg loops'. Fifth, I verify my parachute pins, again verbally. Sixth, I verify my helmet chin strap, you guessed it, aloud. Lastly, I check my vario, radio, and camera and I'm ready to launch. Every step is put into words and agreed upon by the pilot assisting in the hang check. I do not vary from this routine once I'm hooked in to the glider.