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At Intro Screen:

Select Flight: (scroll down) Silent Flight,

Create Flight: Storm HG.


Sound tab:

Engine sound slider-Minimum, Wind sound slider-maximum.

Weather tab:

Cloudbase 9000 feet, Thermal Activity (at least) 85%.

Joystick tab:

as needed.

Click on: Fly Now.

In the game:

Move mouse cursor to the top of screen to get the Menu Bar:

Select: View.

Click: Thermals. (Screen will say at the top, Thermals Hidden, or Thermals Visible.)

Press Page Up key repeatedly to gain altitude at any time, and begin flight.


Controls in the game:


Right-click-drag to look up, down, and all around.

Left-click-drag to move the control bar.


aircraft set-up.

Hat switch:

for turning your head, to look around.