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Would You Like Images of Hang Gliding on Your Checks?

 And help promote hang gliding and this site too!

Here are a number of images which are specifically sized to work as background images on your personal checks. The simple idea being to add one more little way to promote Hang gliding and HangGliding.Org. Let's Grow The Sport!

- Wingspan34 -

(To create your own copies to send to your check printer, right click on the image and choose "save image as". Then save the file to a folder on your computer. Once that's done, add the image file(s) to a disk, cd, or even download them directly to your check printer's web site if they offer that possibility) silloette Check pic 1.jpg Check pic 2.jpg Check pic 3.jpg Check pic 4.jpg Check pic 5.jpg Check pic 6.jpg Check pic 7.jpg Check pic 8.jpg Check pic 9.jpg Check pic 10.jpg Check pic 11.jpg Check pic 12.jpg Check pic 13.jpg Check pic 14.jpg Check pic 15.jpg Check pic 16.jpg Check pic 17.jpg Check pic 18.jpg Check pic 19.jpg Check pic 20.jpg Check pic 21.jpg Check pic 22.jpg Check pic 23.jpg

And when you want to pay your, now higher, USHpA yearly member fee, here's a little protest check :)

1a USHPA sucks.jpg