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Suggestions for the [HGTM] are invited here.

Chapter titles and content

  • Have a chapter on the effective use of paper gliders, kites, and model gliders for advancing awareness of gusts, rotors, pitch stability, flight control, safety, etc.
  • Have a chapter on hang gliding's niche activities in order to encourage people to find their own niche activity in the broad hang gliding space.

Continually polish HGTM

Feel at ease advancing and polishing the HGTM.

Section Quizzes

Excellent questions and excellent answers sometimes occur. Most of the time questions have challenging aspects to them; and answers share the fuzzy world. A continual effort to bring up sharp and helpful questions with equally sharp and helpful answers can occur in wiki space. Have fund working on these Q&A. Forward a signed point of view and argue the answer; when answering loads too much on a page, then a file wiki can be opened to handle the rich response.

Video links

Post helpful links that illustrate the topic.


Photographs. Drawings rough or finished. Go for it. Others might take your lead and do more.

Signing points of view

Wiki freedom allows anyone to edit anyone's post. However, when a view is signed and carefully sectioned, it is polite to let text stand as signed. Of course, deletions may be made; but the history of the text is available in the "history" space for the article. Nothing is lost.

Section Q&A

Keep a section so anyone in the world may ask a question concerning the topic of a section.

Notices of the HGTM

  • at site there is now a link to HGTM herein.
  • Aug. 4, 2010, notice in OZ Report.
  • Aug. 4, 2010, thread started in forum. hgflyer: "Thanks Joe for everything! I'm with you on this. I'm holding out in hopes that we can get to this aspect via the HGAA. As you already know. There are some details that need to be addressed and ironed out, with the formation of a new assoc."