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If hang gliding culture sits back and lets any worker injure our history with untenables, then no one wins, it seems to this note poster.

This wiki is just for GH link set. Links game for this set: where GH makes statements, or links that GH highly uses, or links regarding GH troublesome matters. An aim is to find statements and text trends that injure other people and injure hang gliding history in order to feature such text in critical analysis in order to derive an improved history of hang gliding as a option for future students of hang gliding. Links missing are welcome to be posted. The critical analysis file tree is linked from the table of contents of Kites of John Dickenson where will be found the line item: Critical examination of GH statements

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Links highly controlled by GH and Tony Aspinal

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Videos related to a critical-analysis of the GH-JD space

  • The content of this will be critically examined in an associated file soon. The bulk of commentary on the video grows in the Internet. What are the untenables found in the commentary? What is starkly historically in error in the text spoken. Etc. Fertile start for essays!

Image links

  • This is the Aerostructures 1962-3 SkiPlane by Mike Burns that was fully prior to JD's first aqua-ski-kite in Australia; this shows the NASA influece and also shows that the 1908 triangle control frame with pilot hung from keel. That JD claims not to have seen his own countryman's item is a matter for deeper researchers; however the evident mechanics that were in public domain makes global invention of pendulum weight shift control in a flexible wing kite-glider by JD or anyone else post earlier decades facts untenable claim.

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