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This list is broken up into three categories:

Things that should ALWAYS be in your harness:

  • Photo copy of ID, med card and allergies if app

(or keeping your wallet in a handy location i.e. back pocket)

  • Hand written EM phone #’s
  • Whistle (front-pocket accessible, w/lanyard. Recommended type - All-Weather Safety Whistle Co. "Windstorm Whistle")
  • Knife – Not just a hook knife
  • LED Flashlight –consider taking batteries out
  • $$ - coins, paper,plastic
  • Emergency blanket
  • first aid kit: band-aids, aspirin/ibuprofen/tums/antihistamine
  • Lighter/water proof matches
  • EM food i.e. power bar
  • Sunscreen
  • Toilet paper
  • Mini multi-tool kit /Leatherman tool
  • Dental floss, 50 yards waxed is recommended (if you land in a tree you would this to pull rope back up)

Things I fly with on any given day:

  • Cell phone
  • Hat
  • X-water
  • Ham radio
  • Mosquito repellent

Consider if flying XC:

  • GPS or compass
  • Sign-pilot needs ride
  • X-water
  • Mirror
  • Hat
  • Spare battery -freshly charged - radio
  • Hand written phone #’s (flying buddies cells, EM #’s)

or maybe a call in number to a home answering machine, color of gliders for driver and cell # next to it

  • Hot rod antenna
  • Duct tape
  • Streamer material or some sort of wind indictor
  • Rope
  • A very small cell phone charger AA or a spare cell phone battery freshly charged